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Over the course of 25 years, we have developed bulls to suit the commercial breeder and priced them accordingly. We have purebred Angus and Limousin and we have spent about 15 years developing Limo/Angus blends (LimFlex) and Sim/Angus blends that are black white face bulls that are homozygous black. Having done this blending for so many years, we have learned how to create a set of uniformly good, growth, black and black baldy calves for you.

These bulls are priced for just a little more than a harvest-ready steer in the feedlot. When you see these bulls, you won’t be disappointed. These bulls pictured below are available on a first come, first served basis - bring your trailer.

THIS GUY IS THICK! This is probably the thickest black Angus bull you'll ever see and he is available now!

Several other bulls available - check our Facebook page for the latest updates or give John a call at 405-258-3616
some of our previous year bulls...

bulls-for-sale_01 bulls-for-sale_02 bulls-for-sale_03 bulls-for-sale_04
bulls-for-sale_05 bulls-for-sale_06 bulls-for-sale_07 bulls-for-sale_08
bulls-for-sale_09 bulls-for-sale_10 bulls-for-sale_11  

2ball-bulls01 2ball-bulls02 2ball-bulls03 2ball-bulls04
2ball-bulls05 2ball-bulls06 2ball-bulls07 2ball-bulls08
2ball-bulls09 2ball-bulls10 2ball-bulls11 2ball-bulls12
2ball-bulls13 2ball-bulls14 2ball-bulls15 2ball-bulls16
We chose a few as a representative sample of the bulls we now have for sale
click on a thumbnail image above to view a larger image, then give us a call to come pick one out that will match your needs
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