A lot of research and development has gone into our Lim-Flex breeding agenda and we are very proud of the strong scientific support for programs like ours.

When you hear us talk about heterosis and complementarity we aren't just throwing around marketing buzzwords; these are the concepts on which our breeding program is built.

We believe that our LimFlex program is putting better calves on the ground every year and helping move our customers into the future of beef cattle production.

We aren't alone - industry experts support the composite breeding program and embrace the improvements such programs bring to the industry...

The following excerpt is from BEEF magazine:

"Tom Brink of Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding - the worldís largest cattle-feeding entity, with 10 feedlots in five states and a one-time capacity of 811,000 head of cattle Ė has these thoughts.

"Hybrid vigor is still very important at the cow-calf level, and you canít get that by crossing Angus on Angus for multiple generations. But structured cross-breeding has been too hard to implement, especially for small producers. The hybrid bull is convenient and brings the muscle that Continental breeds offer to the table,Ē he explains.

From a feedlot perspective, Brink believes the hybrid Angus trend will be beneficial to the industry, especially on yield grades. "There have been cutability issues, and overly fat cattle that higher percentage Angus cattle bring to the industry. Our buyers say the ideal Angus percentage is 50-75%. Thatís a tremendous endorsement from guys who feed a lot of cattle. Brink says. Itís important to recognize they donít see Angus as the only ingredient or the total solution."

Visit our RESOURCES page, for more published support for composite breeding programs like ours.

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